Surfing in Maldives

Surfing in the Maldives

Modern day surfing arrived in the Maldives during the late 70s. The O’Neil Deep Blue Content in 2006 definitely made more surfers aware and it is now gaining a lot of popularity. Surfing in the Maldives is something all surfers should strive to do in their lifetime as there really is nothing like the thrill of surfing the Maldivian reefs.

The waves in the Maldives are not truly powerful and the swell usually only reaches head height. The swell is extremely consistent in the Maldives but as a surfer, if you encounter a flat day there will always be other activities to do such as snorkelling or fishing and a large range of other water sports. Ideally suited for intermediate and advanced surfers, the waves in the Maldives mostly offer opportunities of barrels and long waves.

While most of the recognised surf breaks are in Male Atoll there are more to be discovered. There are some great surfing spots in the Maldives, but just a few are easily accessible from resorts. The best breaks are on the outer reefs on the southeast sides of the atolls. Surfers usually stay at resorts along the east side of North Male Atoll for easy access to so some of these fantastic surf spots. Resorts in these areas provide boats or Dhonis that shuttle surfers beyond the breaks several times a day for two hour periods whereas a charter service offers surfers in the Maldives the chance to surf the reefs for much longer periods.

Maldives Surf Season

Surfing in the Maldives is dependent on the Atolls and by the two monsoon seasons. From December to April the monsoon season is known as the north-east monsoon (Iruvai) and from May to October it is known as the south-west monsoon (Hulhangu).

Generally most of the Archipelagos surfing season in the Maldives is good from the middle of February until November which is when the swells are produced by winter low pressure systems in the south Indian Ocean. February and March have stable weather conditions with light winds, swell is also low. March, April and May have favourable conditions with a greater and more consistent swell. The June, July and August months offer the most potential for big swells however tropical storms are more common. The World Qualifying Series (WQS) has been held in June in the Maldives which is a good indication of the best time of year to go for Surfing in the Maldives. November the swells start getting smaller again and the weather conditions similarly improve and become more consistent. As a surfer, if you are after clean waves and good weather, arrive before early May.

Surfing spots in the Maldives | Where to surf in the Maldives

The Maldivian archipelago can be divided into 3 different surfing areas, Male Atolls, Central Atolls and South Atolls. The differences between them are about swell size, consistency and crowd.

Male Atolls:

Chickens Villingilimathi Huraa (Kuda Villingili) Uninhabited Island . Eastern reef of North Male Atoll.
Cokes Thulusdhoo, Atoll Capital. Eastern reef of North Male Atoll
Gurus Male, the capital. Eastern reef of Male, Southern tip of North Male Atoll
Honkey's Thamburudhoo ( Uninhabited Island ), Eastern Reef of North Male Atoll
Kates Boduhuraa, Uninhabited Island near the Palm Tree Island Resort. Eastern Reef of South Male Atoll.
Jailbreaks Eastern Reef of North Male Atoll
Lohis Lohifushi Island Resort. Eastern reef of North Male Atoll
Natives Kandooma Resort, Eastern Reef of North Male Atoll
Piddlies/Ninjas Kanifinolhu Resort. Eastern Reef of North Male Atoll
Riptides Guraidhoo, Inhabited Island . Eastern Reef of South Male Atoll
Sultans Tari Village Resort (Kanu Huraa). Eastern reef of North Male Atoll
Tomb Stones Thamburudhoo island (Uninhabited) Adjacent to 'Sultans'. Eastern Reef of North Male Atoll Pasta Point East of Thamburudhoo island. Stay at Surf Camp Accomodation or New Point Inn
Male Island Point Full Moon Beach Resort, Furana Fushi Island , Eastern Reef of North Male Atoll

Central Atolls:

Muli | Kanda Muli Located on the southeast side of the atoll
Mulhaku Rights/Lefts central atolls
Veyvah inhabited island of Vevaru
Adonis central atolls
Finnimas Boduhuraa, Uninhabited Island near the Palm Tree Island Resort.
Malik's Thaa and Laamu Atolls
Inside Mikado | Outside Mikado Thaa and Laamu Atolls
Bedhuge near Mundoo island
Isdhoo at Isdhoo island
Mahibadhoo inhabited island at Mahibadhoo
Mada's Thaa and Laamu Atolls
Tsunami lefts | Tsunami rights Laamu atoll
Yin Yang Laamu atoll

South Atolls:

Twin Peaks Iyaru Faru near the island of Gulhi , inhabited island, Eastern Reef of South Male Atoll
Quarters Gulhigaathuhuraa, uninhabited island attached to Palm Tree Island Resort. Eastern Reef of South Male Atoll

Hotels and Resorts for Surfing

There are a number of hotels and resorts offering Maldives surfing resorts. Some of these include: See here for more Maldives Surfing Holidays