Surfing Holidays

Holiday Inn Kandooma Resort South Male atoll is a fantastic resort in the Maldives that offers fast right handers at the front doorstep and further access to another 6 quality breaks all within 5 to 45 minutes of the resort. This Maldives surf resort has resident surf guides that even shuttle guests twice a day via a boat or Dhoni to these great spots.

Paradise Island Resort North Male Atoll is a Five Star Resort just within minutes of Male, the capital. This Maldives surfing resort has it all as it is situated only minutes away from world class breaks including Jailbreak, Sultans, Full Moon and Honkys, which makes Paradise Island an ideal surfers resort.

Cokes Surf Villas is the original surf camp in the Maldives and one of the best Maldives surfing resorts as it is situated right on Cokes surf break in the North Male Atolls. Although not a 5 star resort but rather budget accommodation, it really is designed for surfers, with friendly staff at hand always willing to help out and even shuttle suffers across to the famous Chickens surfing spot.

Four Seasons Resort Kuda Huraa is suitable for beginners to advanced surfers especially those wanting a holiday stay at a resort that offers luxury accommodation. Guests can learn to surf in the immaculate lagoon with courses for anyone aged 6 and over. Advanced surfers can access a further six breaks all within a short boat ride away. Guests at this Maldives surfing resort can expect to enjoy easy take offs, long rides and consistent swells.

Yellow Rehendhi Inn is situated near 4 surf spots including Kates, Kandooma Right, riptides, Twin Peaks providing you with plenty of chances to catch a perfect wave. The best waves are usually between June to September with bigger swells more likely to be in July and August and with a South-South East direction. This Maldives surfing resort also has plenty of other water sports on the off days such as snorkelling, fishing and windsurfing.

Dhonveli View is another famous surfing resort in the Maldives as the island has hosting several world class surfing competitions. One of the most consistent breaks, Pasta Point, is just a short walk from the guest rooms. Other famous breaks such as Honky's, Jailbreak and Sultans are less than 10 minutes away by Dhoni boat.

Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi has a reputation of being a great destination for surfing in the North Malé Atoll. It has a surf break on the island as well as being at the doorstep to several other surf breaks including Pasta Point, Ninjas, Sultan, Lohi's, Cokes, Himmafushi, Honkies and Chickens. Lohifushi is situated half way up the east side of the north Male Atoll and has a quality left hander. Right outside your door step is Lohis, which is great indicator for swell in this atoll making it a fantastic surfing resort in the Maldives. Furthermore, Lohifushi Island Resort Maldives has a resident surf guide throughout the surf season who is there to help with anything surf relates including keeping guests informed of the important surf predictions and conditions.

Ayada Maldives is in the Southern Atolls or Huvadhoo Atoll. It is very close to 3 waves including Antiques, Tiger Stripes and Blue Bowls. Ayada is perfectly situated in the Southern Atolls which also makes it possible to reach other renowned waves by Speed boat. Almost every island on the outside of the atoll has one or two breaks with everything from barreling and hollow walls more gentler waves which makes Ayada a great surfing resort in the Maldives.

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