Speedboat to resort | Speedboat to Male | Maldives speedboat transfers

Maldives speedboats can be chartered but are more commonly included as part of a package deal. Speedboats are used for transfers to resorts that are not too far away. Most resorts will have their own fleet of boats to transfer guests to and from the Maldives airport. Those resorts that are inaccessible by speedboat must use a seaplane instead. If you prefer to get to the resort immediately rather than wait overnight to take a seaplane, try staying at a hotel not too far from the airport as these will offer speedboat transfers at all times of day and night.

Upon exiting Maldives Airport, head out the front towards the Ferry jetty. Prices for speedboats in the Maldives can range from $USD 50 – 150 depending on the distance and the type of speedboat you are chartering. Some hotels use a Dhoni (ferry) instead of a speedboat. To save some stress, a speedboat pre-purchase through a travel agent would be the best option. Also enquire about how long the Maldives speedboat trip takes as some may take hours. It may make sense to get a seaplane instead of a speedboat to save some time and unnecessary sea sickness.

For those wishing to do inter-island speedboat transfers it may also be possible, particularly for a day trip. Both islands would usually have to agree first and then you would have to hire the boat and captain from one of the islands. Remember all resorts have their own speedboats or Dhonis so an inter-island transfer should be arrange through the resort which you are staying with.