Seaplane transfers in Maldives | transfers to resort

There are two main Maldivian seaplane companies operating flights from Maldives Airport (Male International Airport) to resorts which are Maldivian Air Taxi and TMA Trans Maldivian.

Maldives seaplanes usually only operate during the hours of sunlight. If you arrive when its dark, most likely you will need to stay overnight in a hotel and catch a seaplane in the morning. The options are to stay at a hotel at the airport or catch a ferry to one of the Male resorts. It is best to wake up early the next morning and get the Maldives seaplane to your resort, that way you can enjoy maximum time at your primary place of stay.

If it is daylight on your arrival from the international flight, step outside the front of the airport doors and you will see the seaplane desks outside which are small and slightly hidden, this whole area is covered. There would only be a few representatives at the seaplane desk and one will confirm your tickets. If tickets haven’t been pre-purchased, simply enquire at the Maldivian Air Taxi and TMA Trans Maldivian desks, both services are pretty much the same.

Once tickets are confirmed the Maldivian Air Taxi or TMA Trans Maldivian seaplanes will take your luggage and put it in an air conditioned passenger van behind them. You then hop in the van, which has a combination of tourists and resort workers, and take a short 5 minute drive to the seaplane wharf. There may be a wait for your seaplane but there is a small lounge with a TV. Keep an eye on the flight board which will tell you what gate to go to, this again is only a small room that can hold about 12 people or so. After waiting a short while, a representative will then walk you along the wharf past dozens of seaplanes to yours.

The Maldives seaplane is small and would only carry 10-20 passengers. You will be given earplugs as the seaplane is noisy and make sure you can stand the petrol fumes too. The seaplane will then drive on top of the water out of the wharf and away from the airport then eventually take off. If you haven’t been on a seaplane before there’s nothing to worry about, you will feel safer in a Maldives seaplane than a huge airliner.

Once you are up in the air on your seaplane in the Maldives, you will really understand the beauty of it, how far it stretches and just how many resorts and unspoilt islands there really are, it really is amazing. Make sure you take along a camera for some cool pictures.

The Maldives seaplane will then land near a pontoon or at your Maldives resort. If you land at a pontoon, a Dhoni operated by the hotel will be waiting to whisk you away on a short boat trip to your resort – the fun now begins!