Diving Gaarfaru - Wreck of the SS Seagull

Wreck of the SS Seagull

Dive Site Type Shipwreck
Atoll Gaafaru
Location Outer reef wall in the north
Depth Range 10m-30m
Features Shipwreck, cave
Fish Life Above Average
Coral Growth Above Average

Dive Site Description of Wreck of the SS Seagull

In 1879 it is said that a steamboat from London to Calcutta ran aground. This wreck of the SS Seagual is now found near the outer wall of the reef in the north of the Gaafaru Atoll. It is possible to see parts of the wreck from on the top of the reef which ranges between 6-10 meters in depth, however there are two main parts of to see as the ship is spilt in half. The reef slopes down to 50 meters but it is unnecessary to go deeper than 30 meters where a small cave can be found. Most of the SS Seagull is hard to recognise now as it is completely covered with coral.

The currents are most powerful outside the reef near the broad channel. If diving is to be made from a boat, it will be necessary to wait for the right moment as exploring the SS Seagull is most enjoyed when currents are weak. Drift diving from a distance is a common technique used at this spot also.

At about 15-25 meters there are numerous crevices in the reef forming small grottoes when large schools of soldierfish, colourful coral groupers and stingrays take refuge. In and around the propeller there is a large den of blackspotted moray. Other sea life that can be found includes jacks, barracudas, eagle rays and nurse sharks.

Hotels and Resorts close to Wreck of the SS Seagull

Hotels and Resorts that are near the Wreck of the SS Seagull dive site include Helengeli Island Resort, Makunudu Island Resort, One&Only Reethi Rah and Vivanta By Taj Coral Reef. To book these or to see other hotels and resorts, use the search box at the top.

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