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Scuba Diving in the Maldives

When to Scuba Dive in the Maldives

When scuba diving in the Maldives, there are several things to be aware of. The Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean with most of the islands found north of the equator. This means that there is not much difference in the outside temperature throughout the year. The water temperature follows suit with a warm and comfortable 80-85f or 25-29c.

However, twice a year there are monsoons that bring winds which subsequently affect diving in the Maldives. The northeast monsoon usually lasts from December to April and the southwest monsoon lasts from May to August.

The best time for scuba diving in the Maldives is generally from late January through to early May and again from August through to early November. June and July should be avoided as these months are the worst of the rainy season. Also visibility is reduced in the months of October and November due to the abundance of plankton however, this increases the chances of spotting plankton feeders such as whale sharks and manta rays.

Key Diving Facts

  • January to May - best time for scuba diving in the Maldives
  • June to July - should be avoided as it's the rainy season
  • August to November - also a good time for scuba diving in the Maldives
  • October to November - visibility reduced due to plankton
  • December - tends to have rough, windy weather and rain

Top Diving Spots

All the top dive spots in the Maldives have been grouped into Atolls. Click on the relevant Atoll link below to see each of the diving locations' facts such as dive type, depth range, visibility, features, fish life and coral growth:

North Male Atoll Gaarfaru Lhaviyani Atoll Baa Atoll Rasdhoo Atoll North Male Atoll North Ari Atoll South Ari Atoll Mulaku Atoll Vattaru Atoll Felidhu Atoll South Male Atoll Dhaalu Atoll

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Maldives Weather

Month Ave Temp C°|F° Ave Rainfall mm
January 27 | 81 75
February 28 | 82 50
March 29 | 84 73
April 29 | 84 132
May 28 | 82 216
June 28 | 83 172
July 28 | 83 147
August 28 | 83 188
September 27 | 81 243
October 27 | 81 222
November 27 | 81 201
November 27 | 81 232

Top Maldives Atolls