Diving North Male Atoll - Nassimo Thila / Blue Shadow

Nassimo Thila / Blue Shadow

Dive Site Type Thila (Pinnacle), Protected Marine Area
Atoll North Male Atoll, Giraavaru Uthuru (South)
Location West of Lanakanfinolhu (Paradise Island)
Depth Range 9m – 30m
Features Caves, coral heads and overhangs
Fish Life Abundant
Coral Growth Excellent

Dive Site Description of Nassimo Thila / Blue Shadow

Blue Shadow / Nassimo Thila is located on the east side of the North Male Atoll inside the barrier reef. Nearby islands include Bandos and Lankanfinolhu. The thila rises to 9 meters from the water surface and is several hundred meters in diameter. The reef edges of the seabed drops to 25 meters where huge blocks of coral and an abundance of fish can be found.

The top of the reef at Blue Shadow / Nassimo Thila is covered with multi-coloured soft corals including the rare soft blue corals. An abundance of fish awaits including schools of blue striped snappers, black spotted sweetlips and giant humphead wrasses. Large Barracuda, tuna fish and jacks can also be spotted.

The dive site is on the east side of Nassimo thila however boats can moor at a number of coral blocks. Currents are strong especially around the top of the reef. Divers should be careful to calculate currents if a drift dive is made.

Hotels and Resorts close to Nassimo Thila / Blue Shadow

Hotels and Resorts that are near the Nassimo Thila dive site include, Bandos Island Resort, Hotel UI Inn, Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa, Hulhule Island Hotel and Paradise Island Resort & Spa. The dive site is close to Male and so there are a range of other places to stay which can be found using the search box below.

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