Diving Felidhu Atoll - Dhevana Kandu / Miyaru Kandu

Dhevana Kandu

Dive Site Type Protected Marine Area / Thila (Pinnacle)
Atoll Felidhu Atoll
Location Second Channel South of Ali Mathaa
Depth Range 5m - 35m
Features Caves, coral, Pelagic fish and Sharks
Fish Life Excellent
Coral Growth Above Average

Dive Site Description of Dhevana Kandu

Dhevana Kandu / Miyaru Kandu is situated in the Felidhu Atoll in the second channel south of Ali Mathaa. Nearby islands include Dhiggiri which is 25 minutes away and Alimatha which is 5 minutes away. Miyaru is the local word for shark and so this place is known for this very reason. This dive location is in the main channel between Vihamaafaru and Kudadhiggaru islands. In the middle of this channel is a reef that stretches around 350 meters. The passage north of this reef is Bodu Miyaru Kandu and the passage south of the reef is known as Miyaru Kandu.

The best dives are usually when the currents are strong and heading inwards. The outer reef has several caves and overhangs that decline sharply from 30 meters into the deep blue.

The corals covering the wall between 9 to 22 meters on the sloping section on the left of the channel are amazing, but generally there are other more abundant coral dive sites to visit. However, the sea life at at Dhevana Kandu / Miyaru Kandu is excellent due to the currents between the channels, so expect to see larger fish. The variety of fish at Dhevana Kandu / Miyaru Kandu includes White tip reef Sharks, Hammerhead sharks, black tip sharks, tiger sharks and Eagle Rays. In the shallower sections expect to see batfish, clownfish, morays, wrasses and sweetlips.

Hotels and Resorts close to Dhevana Kandu

Hotels and Resorts that are near the Dhevana Kandu / Miyaru Kandu dive site include AW Dhiggiri SeaClub, Olhuveli Beach And Spa Resort, Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives, Summer Villa Guest House and Cocoa Island. To book these or to see other hotels and resorts, use the search box at the top.

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