Diving North Ari Atoll - Bathalaa Maagaa Kan Thila

Bathalaa Maagaa Kan Thila

Dive Site Type Thila (Pinnacle)
Atoll North Ari Atoll
Location Near Maaga Kandu
Depth Range 5m – 30m
Visibility 30m-60m
Features Caves, coral, Pelagic fish and Sharks
Fish Life Excellent
Coral Growth Excellent

Dive Site Description of Bathalaa Maagaa Kan Thila

Bathalaa Maagaa Kan Thila is a popular dive site located in the North Ari Atoll that offers a vast array of sea life. Nearby islands include Maayafushi and Halaveli which are around 40 minutes away.

Sea life is Excellent at Bathalaa Maagaa Kan Thila. Expect to swim alongside White tip reef Sharks, Mantas, Eagle Rays, coral groupers, tuna, fusiliers, jobfish, barracudas, sweetlips, trevallies and snapper. The coral formations are excellent and come is all sorts of colourful varieties, both soft and hard. At the deeper end of the reef, there are sponge balls with hydroids and ascidians whilst closer to the main reef are big porite corals and anemone type flowers.

The most exciting dives at Bathalaa Maagaa Kan Thila are made when currents are incoming from the east. The dive site itself extends north towards into Maaga Kandu for around 500 meters in a long narrow spur 20 meters wide. The top of the reef slowly becomes deeper until the bottom is reaches at 30 meters. The east side of the spur sits outside the Atoll and has a steep decline from 20 meters. There are a couple of caves at the northern section outside the reef, also visibility is usually better here.

Hotels and Resorts close to Bathalaa Maagaa Kan Thila

Hotels and Resorts that are near the Bathalaa Maagaa Kan Thila dive site include Maayafushi Island Resort, Veligandu Island Resort and Spa, Kuramathi Island Resort, W Retreat & Spa Maldives and Gangehi Island Resort. To book these or to see other hotels and resorts, use the search box below at the top.

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