Diving North Male Atoll - Banana Reef

Banana Reef

Dive Site Type Sloping Wall / Thila (Pinnacle)
Dive Type Drift
Atoll North Male Atoll, Giraavaru Uthuru (South)
Location 2 km west of Kuda Kalhi, 12 km from Male
Depth Range 5m – 30m
Visibility 20 - 35m
Features Caves, coral heads and overhangs
Fish Life Abundant
Coral Growth Excellent

Dive Site Description of Banana Reef

The Banana Reef is situated in the east side of the North Male Atoll and is one of the oldest dive sites in the Maldives. Some of surrounding islands are, Farukolhufushi, Fullmoon Island and Kurumba. The reef is elongated and shaped like a banana which stretches over 300 meters with the best of the diving is said to be on the western side. The upper section of the Banana reef is at a depth of 3 meters from the water surface, however on the west side the reef plummets to a depth of 30 meters.

Fish life is abundant on Banana Reef with many varieties of coral. Bannerfish are common and congregate on the northeast side of the reef. Humphead wrasses, oriental sweetlips, moray eels and soldier fish can be spotted and even Grey Sharks if the currents are right.

Drift diving is the only type of dive on the Banana Reef and depending on the season there may be powerful currents. Caution should be taken as an inlet into the reef is named the ‘washing machine’ as it can drag scuba divers down to a depth of 30 meters.

Hotels and Resorts close to Banana Reef

Hotels and Resorts that are near the Banana Reef dive site include, Kurumba Maldives Resort, Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa, Bandos Island Resort & Spa, Paradise Island Resort & Spa and Gili Lankanfushi To book these or other hotels, use the search box at the top.

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