Where to Eat in Male

Traditional Maldivian food will normally consist of 3 main ingredients which are seafood, coconuts and rice. The Maldives, being surrounded by water makes fish an obvious source of food with the most common being tuna. There is also an influence from Sri Lanka and India and so spice is common amongst the various dishes. Some of these famous dishes include fish curry (mas riha), chicken curry (kukulhu riha) and vegetable curries such as eggplant (bashi) and pumpkin (barabo).

Most of the restaurants in the Maldives can be found in the capital Male where both local and international cuisines are served. Restaurants such as Indian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Thai and Chinese are common. Prices vary, however generally it’s reasonable and the quality of food and service is of a high standard.

Here are some good places to eat in Male:
  • Sala Thai
  • Raanbaa
  • Shell Beans
  • Seagull Cafe House
  • Royal garden café
  • Symphony Restaurant
  • Saffron Cafe & Kitchen
  • Thai Wok
  • Irudhashu Hotaa
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