Male Nightlife

The nightlife in Male is good and getting better all the time. Male is a safe place where both locals and tourists stay awake late on the weekends. There are a good selection of pubs and clubs with most of the action taking place at hotels that often have DJ’s, Rock and Jazz performances. These places are often filled with tourist’s surfers and divers which create a vibrant, friendly nightlife in Male.

For a more relaxed nightlife in Male experience, head to the beach where locals meet. Families with their children and couples of all ages catch up to socialise or to seize the cool evening ocean breeze. A promenade was built along the south side of Male that reaches as far as the surfing point. Expect to find people playing volleyball, soccer, basketball and children at the entertainment park.

Shopping nightlife in Male is fantastic with places generally closing at 11pm, with even some restaurants and cafes open until 1am. See here for Attractions in Male