Maldives Tourist Information

Fast Facts for Travllers to the Maldives

Here is some useful information for travellers to the Maldives:
  • Currency Rufiyaa, 1Rf = 100 laari (L)
  • Location Indian Ocean south west of Sri Lanka
  • Area over 90,000 square kilometres
  • Climate Warm all year round 23-33c
  • Country Status Republic
  • Capital Male
  • International Airport Male International Airport / Ibrahim Nasir International Airport
  • Population 394,451 (2012)
  • Economy Tourism, Fishing and Shipping
  • Languages spoken Dhivehi, English
  • Religion Islam
  • International Telephone Code +960
  • Time GMT +5
  • Electrical Voltage 220 – 240V, UK three pin plugs
  • Weights and Measurements Metric for weights, imperial for measurements
  • National tree Coconut palm
  • National flower Pink rose

Male Maldives

Male Maldives is the capital which is also the most populous in the Republic of Maldives. It is situated in the southern point of the North Male Atoll, more specially the Kaafu Atoll.

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