Vakarufalhi Island Resort Maldives Review

Vakarufalhi Island Resort
The Maldives is irresistible, i'ts striking beauty never fails to please the eye. Yet, some people may doubt in making a holiday plans for this destination, as they think that a trip to Maldives is a costly adventure. As a matter of fact, there are various kinds of resorts in Maldives that everyone can rely on. A limited budget should not cause any limitation in enjoying the wonderful adventure that Maldives offers.

One of the most visited Maldives resorts that every tourist should choose is Vakarufalhi. It offers more than just excellent panoramic views. Instead, it accommodates the need of worldwide tourists in enjoying the paradise on earth. Anyone having already read reviews about this resort will simply want to fast-rack their holiday.

Everyone deserves to enjoy the real beauty of Maldives and Vakarufalhi Island presents itself with several charming aspects. This resort offers more than just the panoramic island views with lovely hampering white sands. It is popular for its over-water villas that allow all guests to enjoy the exotic tropical climate, without feeling uncomfortable with the heat. This small island that the resort sits on is also great place to wander around with the loved ones. It is often recommended as one of the better honeymoon destinations.

However, Vakarufalhi Island resort is not merely for honeymooners and retirees, parents too will find this an excellent vacation destination for their active kids. The lagoon side has a safe place to swim, in which the shallow reef will not do any harm to them. They will enjoy frolicking in the warm waters amongst all the sea life which is indeed a very colourful sight.

Vakarufalhi also boasts extraordinary outdoor adventures from snorkelling and diving to fishing and sea trip adventures. Nothing is more enchanting than witnessing an array of fish dolphins, sea turtles, and small white tip sharks.

Maldives authentic cuisines are what many tourists love to enjoy. Dining with an exotic panoramic view is more than just superb. The vibrant nightlife of the bar brings fun and entertainment to all the guests and the staff really go out of their way with an exemplary level of service.

This short review of Vakarufalhi Island Resort Maldives does not truly represent the whole charm of this resort, it’s only once you have visited that you can really appreciate it. For many travellers, this resort is has become quite affordable, particularly with the all-inclusive packages now available.

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