Top 10 places to eat in Male, Maldives

There is a wide variety of food served amongst the small island and it can be difficult making a choice on where to eat. This section lists the top 10 restaurants in the capital of Maldives, Male, with an indication of its location and the types of food served.

Sala Thai

Location: Buruneege, Boutique Hotel, Male, Maldives
Cuisines: Thai

Salsa Thai has a remarkable interior with a menu to match. Authentic imported Thai ingredients with food prepared by real Thai chefs make this place expensive but the quality is very good. With a large selection of curries, noodles and soups can be found at this restaurant in Male.


Location: Shaheed Ali Hingun, Male, Maldives
Cuisines: Maldivian, Seafood

Raanbaa is one of the largest restaurants to eat in with a large menu to match. Everything from red cuttlefish curry to chicken chimichangas can be ordered at this restaurant in Male.

Shell Beans

Location: Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male, Maldives
Cuisines: Café Style

Shell Beans is situated on one of the main streets by the jetty with seating also upstairs so you can watch the hustle and bustle of the area. This is a great place to eat in Male if you are after snacks such as sandwiches, burgers and pastries.

Salsa Royal

Location: Orchid Magu, Male, Maldives
Cuisines: Thai, Italian

Salsa Royal is a restaurant in Male that serves good food however the service can be slow at times. The restaurant has nice décor and the menu offers both spicy Thai food and Italian food such as pastas and pizzas.

Seagull Cafe House

Location: Fareedhee Magu, Male, Maldives
Cuisines: Italian, Seafood, Western

Seagull Café House is a welcoming and busy two story café with the highlight being the homemade Italian ice-cream. The menu offers a varied range of food such from noodles to fish and chips. Snacks such as sandwiches cakes, teas and coffee are also good and be sure to order their famous ice-cream.

Royal garden café

Location: Esjehi Gallery, Medhuziyaarai Magu, Male, Maldives
Cuisines: Indian, Italian, Western

Royal garden café is conveniently located near the Friday Mosque and Sultan Park this restaurant in Male has an elegant dark wood interior and pleasant garden. The menu is a mix of Indian, Italian, Indonesian and Western cuisines.

Symphony Restaurant

Location: Athamaa Goalhi, Male, Maldives
Cuisines: Asian, Seafood, Indian, Italian

Symphony Restaurant has a dark warm interior and can be found just off Majeedhee Magu. The menu has a wide variety of items such as prawns, meatballs and tandoori chicken.

Saffron Cafe & Kitchen

Location: Ameer Ahmadhu Magu, Maldives
Cuisines: Maldivian, Asian

Saffron Café is a great place to eat breakfast and lunch in Male. Dining is held in a charming courtyard and the menu includes items such as fish curry, fajitas and nasi goreng.

Thai Wok

Location: Corner of Ameer Ahmed Magu & Naadhee Magu, Male, Maldives
Cuisines: Thai

Thai Wok is a good place to eat in Male if you are after authentic Thai food with a decent ambience. This restaurant in Male can be crowded at times but the service is good.

Irudhashu Hotaa

Location: Filigas Hingun, Male, Maldives
Cuisines: Maldivian

Irudhashu Hotaa is a busy place to eat in Male where spicy fish curries and selection of snacks (hedhikaa) can be found.

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