Getting Around Male

Getting around Male Maldives

Walking around Male, Maldives

Travelling around Male is easy as it is roughly only 2 square kilometres in area. Walking around Male is the best way to travel as a tourist, making sure you stick to the main ‘magus’(roads). The main magus that intersect the city of Male are Majeedee Magu, Chandhanee Magu and Bodu Thakurufaanu Magu where you will encounter many shops, restaurants and attractions. In fact, if you were to walk around Male, it would only take under an hour, so don’t be afraid to venture out.

Motorbikes in Male, Maldives

Male is an Island with around 75,000 people, so it’s quite densely populated. Many of the locals use Motorbikes in Male as it’s the most convenient and fastest way to get about – driving is on the left side.

Buses in Male, Maldives

Buses have recently commenced operation in Male with several services running every 15 minutes from 6:30am until 9:45pm.

Taxis in Male, Maldives

Taxis in Male are readily available 24hrs. This might need to be an option especially if you have luggage to move around. Taxis in Male are charges at a flat rate of Rf.20 and additionally Rf.5 per bag/luggage.

Bicycles in Male, Maldives

Riding a bike in Male is popular amongst the locals. It is possible to hire a bike, usually through the hotel.